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Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.  And, with my whole soul, I believe that you and your partner should marry in a way that feels like you. SO... Four years ago, I completely reworked my photography business to honor that vision. I changed course so that you can too.  Ready to explore eloping?!  Let's Chat!
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Finding YOUR Perfect Adventure Wedding Locations!

Location Inspiration

As you start to explore the idea of breaking away from a more traditional wedding, finding the right adventure wedding locations for that best fit your story and your needs will be an early –and very important– topic!

This idea of ‘wedding location’ gets kicked up a few notches in importance as you begin to think about what places are meaningful to your story as a couple…

…As you start thinking about will it be a just you two elopement

…Or, start weighing the idea of considerations that you may need to make so that guests will be able to join you for an intimate adventure wedding…

So, as all these questions start swirling around, one of the discussions I have a LOT is around “We’re not super adventurous! Is an adventure wedding still a good option for us?”

Dial in Your Adventure Level

What are the best adventure wedding locations for you to consider?  Don’t kick me when I say this, but honestly, it depends!

I really truly believe that the right locations for you and your partner to look at are whichever locations make you feel excited, happy, and stoked to be doing something that feels right for YOU! 

It doesn’t have to be scaling the side of a cliff, 10 miles out to an overlook on an epic hike, or at this one trendy overlook at a National Park out West….

My experience has been that with careful research & planning, you can design your wedding experience with just the right amount of adventure for you and your partner, and/or your crew!   In my little corner of the wedding photography world, all that matters for an Adventure Wedding or an Elopement is you believe in the idea of something *different* & *more amazing* than hotel ballrooms and commercial venues that churn out wedding after wedding.

If that’s you, keep on reading, or, check out the quick video at the bottom to see an example of how can we build a wedding with a custom amount of ‘adventure’!

Finding *YOUR* Perfect Adventure Wedding Locations!

Cumberland Island Wedding Photographer for adventure weddings and outdoor beach weddings on Cumberland Island

What’s a “Good” Adventure Wedding Location?

I think people have probably seen a lot more about Adventure Weddings or Adventure Elopements than they’ve ever seen previously with the Mount Everest wedding that went viral. Or maybe you saw the SpaceNet Wedding that got a ton of press recently?  Epic.  Amazing.  AND….. Totally Intimidating!

From those, people seem to have gotten stuck in the idea that those are the types of activities that make an adventure wedding an ‘adventure wedding!’

And while, yes,  these are adventure weddings, don’t forget that there are truly adventures accessible of every kind, and, of every style, and adventure wedding locations to suit virtually every personality & need!  So while Instragram or the internet may lead you to believe it, I’m here to let you know that NO, you don’t have to get married on Mount Everest or suspended high above the desert to enjoy the beauties of being outdoors 😉

Creative Outdoor Wedding Locations!

I’m homebased here in the Southeast, in Atlanta, Georgia.  And, I’m pretty sure that if you’ve spend five minutes talking to me, there’s a darn good chance you’ve heard my whole spiel about how AMAZING the South and Southeast are for Adventure Weddings and Adventure Elopement locations.  Seriously, it’s big for me 😉  But anyways… Here in the region, we are blessed to have a beautiful coastline that is easily accessible.

So, we’ll highlight how one idea: “a beach wedding in the Southeast” can turn into a perfect example of embracing adventure.   Located in on the Georgia coast, not too far north of Jacksonville FL, lies a gem in the US National Park system:  Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Having your wedding on Cumberland Island is a perfect example of how you can scale ‘up’ or scale ‘down’ the amount of adventure to adjust to you, your partner, and your potential guests’ comfort levels.

Why is a wedding on Cumberland Island a great example?

Well, the unique thing about Cumberland Island National Seashore is that unlike some of the other coastal islands, the only way to get to the island is to take a boat of some sort. There are no roads, causeways or bridges to Cumberland Island!  Because of that, if you love the idea of a beautiful beach wedding on a “rustic”, natural beach, but, want to scale down the amount of adventure to something that’s more accessible & less “sport-based”, you and your guests (if you have guests!) can take the ferry across to the Park!

Hopping off at the Ruins, and heading toward the water, you’re within walking distance of beautiful, undeveloped coastal beaches.   Settle into whichever spot on the beach that grabs your heart, and you’ll find the location is perfect for a “just us” elopement, or, an intimate adventure wedding with your closest crew.

However… If you and your partner find that you (and any potential your guests!) are seeking something more on the ‘adventurous’ scale, you can kayak across to Cumberland Island from the mainland!  Load up your kayaks, your sense of adventure, pull up to your favorite stretch of sand and sea, and you’ll have an amazing and unique wedding story to tell as well.

And whether you choose to cap off your day of play, ceremony & celebration on the island by hopping the last ferry of the day back to host a reception, dinner or other celebration on the mainland… or…  by heading to camp for the night in a more “off-the-grid” adventure and celebration, it is all perfect. 

Choosing to be outdoors and embracing an undeveloped or less developed natural area within the National Seashore is what makes this a beautiful adventure wedding!   You don’t have to do something ‘crazy’ to tick the ‘adventure’ box!!!

Adventure wedding location for a beach wedding on Cumberland Island

Your Wedding, YOUR Way!

And at the end of the day, that’s the beauty of Adventure Weddings and Elopements!

One outcome: a beautiful beach wedding in a really unique spot. 

Customized adventure:  two different ways to tackle your wedding design to scale ‘up’ the adventure, or, to scale is ‘down’ for whatever your needs or desires might be!

So, just know… As you’re thinking your locations, don’t let the idea that maybe you’re not outdoorsy enough get in the way of building an Adventure Wedding experience that really speaks to your heart.  The right plan is out there for you!

Click here to send me a note to introduce yourself, tell me a little about your wedding wants & thoughts, and, to see if your target dates/date range is still available!

You can always bookmark this page if you want to refer to the video again, or, you can find it anytime on the FAQs page linked here!   Happy Adventuring!

About Kate...

I put  my photography, obsessive planning, and all I’ve learned in my life + business + travels to work as an accomplice & adventure concierge for elopements of all kinds. 
Freeing couples just like you to have an adventurous wedding unlike any other!



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Hi! I’m Kate, 

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Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.

With my whole soul, I believe that you and your partner should marry in a way that feels like you.   SO... Four years ago, I completely reworked my photography business to honor that vision.  To create a safe space for couples to create a wedding experience that feels right.

I changed course so that you can too.

Freeing couples to get married exactly how they want to, with no limits on what that looks like.   Is that bold?!?  Maybe, but you're ready!

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