WHAT IF I told you that Elopements don't have to be those things any more? That you can ditch a hurried, impersonal ceremony at a municipal building for a meaningful, beautiful ceremony in a place that mirrors the joy of your occasion... Would you still think an Adventure Elopement is a crazy idea?

FOLKS WHO have eloped (or want to!) tell me similar things - do they sound familiar?
  -- I'm not a big "center" of attention type person so a formal wedding is too much spotlight -- 
  -- We don't want to start married life with big debt and traditional wedding costs sneak up--fast --
  -- Our families are complicated, so bringing them all together creates stress on a day that's supposed to be for us --

IF ANY of those resonate with you, or even if your "why" is different, know you are not alone.

Adventure Elopement

When I say "Elopement"...

...What thought comes to mind?

City Hall? A quick, unplanned wedding? A justice of the peace?
 Maybe Vegas?!? A secret?

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There are people like me who understand why an elopement is an awesome choice, and are stoked to help you bring your honest ceremony to life, even you're not sure how to start :-)

Let's BUild The Elopement
You've Dreamed Of!

Let's BUild The Elopement
You've Dreamed Of!

- Samantha & Zach -
Lakeside Inspiration

Samantha & Zach - Lakeside Inspiration

Adventure Elopement
Sunrise Beginnings 

Adventure Elopement - Sunrise Beginnings 

SO, WHAT IS an Adventure Elopement, and what does it look like in "real life?" Meet Zach & Sam :-) Together for 3 years, they love spontaneous camping in the mountains, fitness & training, and rocking the raddest music festival fanny packs together :-D They joined me for a sunrise inspiration Adventure Elopement session in South Carolina to show other couples how the idea can come to life.    

CAMPING OVERNIGHT on the eve of the "ceremony" allowed for a relaxed night around the campfire with s'mores, stories, and jalapeno margaritas :-) Waking at 5 am with gentle chirp of the birds just beginning, Zach and Samantha got ready in the glow of a lantern and headlamps in the campsite. With the sun just starting to glow behind the foothills around the lake, we began our walk along the shore to an overlook (which I'd scouted for the ceremony the day before while they were sipping cocktails). The hours before the ceremony were laid back & peaceful--not usually what you hear as description of a wedding day!

COMING BACK to the campsite, I slipped away while Samantha & Zach curled up for a "fat nap" and some quiet time together in the hammock to close out the morning. Rolling out to the beach for some sun and a quick hike filled their afternoon. We came back together for an evening kayak to watch the golden sunset from the lake. An intimate celebration of love from sunrise to sunset.

AS YOU JOURNEY through the day with us via the images below, notice one thing:  Photography matters.  For eloping couples, it is SO important to have a discreet photographer who can get non-intrusive images that still show the beauty and intimacy of your day so it is GOBSMACK OBVIOUS when you share them why elopement was the right choice for you. Gorgeous, emotional photos are hard to be mad at ;-)

Bringing Your Elopement To Life

Whether this is your first time thinking about an adventure elopement...

... Or, you know in your soul *THIS* is the only way you want to be married...


Hello! I'm kate.

To Get images like THIS... 

...then you need a photographer who can do THIS!

I love planning.  I am ALL about details, logistics and gears lists- so you don’t have to be!  My motto? 

Tell me your vision for your elopement, and I'll turn it into YOUR perfect plan - and then, keep up with you to photograph it! Organized & adventurous, my ~20 year corporate career in Corporate Special Projects taught me how to come into any situation and create a plan + clear next steps. My lifetime of making seemingly-impossible things happen with style means your amazing wedding experience happens with less worry & effort for you!

"Luck favors the prepared!"

Want to know how to make Your Dream Elopement happen?

Need ideas on Bringing Adventure Into your Wedding Vision?

I know adventure and have a passion for elopements. Send me a note via the button below, and let's chat! Even if you’re only beginning to consider options, we'll talk through what's possible and how your elopement adventure can come to life!

Let's BUild The Elopement
You've Dreamed Of!