Your story is YOUR story, and it can’t be confined to a nice and tidy “travel radius” from my Southeast home base in Atlanta, GA.  So, as you are planning, know this:

adventure isn’t always local.

Our Adventure Wedding &
Elopement Photo Packages have 
NO domestic US travel fees.

Our Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photo Packages have NO domestic US travel fees.

Easy peasy. Straight up. Wherever your adventure is, that’s where you’ll find us at no additional cost!

The biggest FAQ: 

Katelyn & Russ, Couple's Adventure Session

Katelyn & Russ,
Couple's Adventure Session

What an amazing experince with Kate!  What skills she had getting herself set up to take awesome pictures. It was a pleasure to have her take our adventure photos after our conventional wedding. Kate was able to locate the perfect spot with the desired mountain background. (I wanted that scenery for my wedding ceremony but we went with a different venue).

She is very easy going and laid back. A real problem solver and forecaster. The details she thinks of with plenty of back up plans is impressive. It is not your typical (counting till picture is taken) “1 2 and 3 and smile” kind of photography. She catches you in your element and inspires you with thoughts that guide you to your natural expression with your loved one.

My husband and I have Wonderful photos we will look at for a life time, with a story of adventure behind them. So if you're like me... wanting a conventional ceremony, but also craving that something extra, something adventurous with the husband (or to be!) Kate is your girl. She will provide you with the perfect plan to make all your ideas come true!

Meredith, Adventure Portraits

"Kate is an enthusiastic, laid-back and super friendly person who loves people and new experiences. This makes her not only a fantastic travel companion but the perfect photographer to capture all your escapades.

Kate can totally keep up with any activity you might want shot, and she's wonderful at giving just the right amount of direction when needed while remaining unobtrusive. I'm not one for photos as I've gotten a bit older, but I never once felt uncomfortable or uneasy being photographed by Kate and the final images were really stunning. 

I would absolutely use Kate again and again. She's the best!"

Marni & Ryan, Intimate Outdoor Wedding

Marni & Ryan,
Intimate Outdoor Wedding

"Kate took amazing candid photos, with an eye for catching the perfect shot and angle. She set up great shots, such as my wedding dress next to my husband's guitar, and was patient with family photos!

I appreciated working with her from start to finish. She was behind the scenes when she needed to be and directive, too...all the time reminding me it was my day!

Danniel, Adventure Portraits

Adventure Portraits

"Working with Kate was an amazing experience.  she went above and beyond in order to make sure that I would have a great experience, and the photos and display pieces i had made take me back to the day they were taken and bring back great memories.
I really liked just being out in nature while taking photos of something that you already love to do--it takes the weight of being photographed off your back! Its always a blast to work with people that not only do they love what they do, but knowing that they also share some of your same passions, makes your experience as client more memorable, easier, and definitely more enjoyable.

I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Thanks!" 

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