WHETHER YOU are looking to announce your engagement, celebrating a magical marriage number,  or wanting to upgrade your selfies, that special connection you have to each other and the outdoors deserves to be celebrated! 


You and your partner do cool things…

…and Fun & adventurous things!

So why put your story in a frame of expected poses in expected places?

Your Love is best Shown In
images reflecting the beauty of
WHAT you do, WHERE you do it!

MAYBE YOU'RE NOT SURE if a full adventure wedding is for you...  As we brainstorm your options, pairing a more “traditional” wedding + this “elopement style” portrait session before or after your wedding is a beautiful option. Either in your wedding outfits or, something specific to the the adventure you choose, the best of both worlds can be yours!

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the beauty of your relationship isn’t in posed and formal moments...

…So when we come together to tell your story, your images will show real experiences + emotions that come from exploring the beauty of the outdoors in the way that's best for you both! 

Let's Show Your
Adventurous Love Story!

Let's Show Your
Adventurous Love Story!

Anna & Grant - Mountain Biking Adventure Portraits

Couple's Adventure Session - On the move 



WHAT IS an Adventure Session, and what does it look like in "real life?" Meet Anna & Grant :-) Married for 10 fast years, their love of activities of all kinds around the North Woods of Wisconsin take them on beautiful,, spontaneous adventures :-D 

CROSS-COUNTRY mountain biking is one of their shared passions, so as I planned my trip in, the idea for their Couple's Adventure Session to celebrate their connection was a no brainer :-)   

THE DAY OF our adventure, the afternoon's weather looked... UGLY...  Precipitation in dark green, orange and yellow practically buried the state on the radar. 

CHATTING WITH Anna and Grant leading up to "go time" at the trailhead, they were confident.  It had been dry, and the storms were moving through quickly, so they felt the trails would still be in good condition and rideable, despite the rain.  THAT is what I love about adventure couples--a healthy sense of "let's do this!" :-D

ARRIVING TO the trailhead and dropping in on the trail, they were right.  It. Was. Perfect.  The rain had just tamped down the dust, which made for fun riding, and clean and vibrant images capturing the lushness of their favorite trails. 

CHASING EACH OTHER through the meadows, laughing as they rode the rollers through the woods, and then snuggling in with a beer for sunset, the session and images we created were perfectly them.  Just as it should be:-)

Bringing Your Adventure Session To Life

Whether This Is Your First Time Thinking About A Couple's Adventure Session... 

... OR, this is *EXACTLY* what you've been looking for...

I Love the idea! What's a good "reason" to do an Adventure Session ?

What are options for activities?  We're not super outdoorsy...what kind of adventure would WE build?

...You might have a few questions...

Couple's Adventure Sessions start at $750. Every package includes a ample photographic coverage to ensure we can all catch the details of your experience. No zillion add-ons to create more choices. We'll chat about what adventurous idea makes you swoon, how you'll use the images we create, and we'll build the session & right package of images and prints to help you share your story in all the places you need!

Wait... So you wear your wedding dress and Suit out to do WHAT?!?

Video is coming soon!

Video is coming soon!

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Hello! I'm kate.

To Get images like THIS... 

...then you need a photographer who can do THIS!

I love planning.  I am ALL about details, logistics and gears lists- so you don’t have to be!  My motto? 

Tell me your vision, and I'll turn it into YOUR perfect plan - and then, keep up with you to photograph it! Organized & adventurous, my ~20 year corporate career in Corporate Special Projects taught me how to come into any situation and create a plan + clear next steps. My lifetime of making seemingly-impossible things happen with style means your awesome adventure experience happens with less worry & effort for you!

"Luck favors the prepared!"

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO show your REAL Love Story?


I know adventure & sport and have a passion for couples showing who they really are. Send me a note via the button below, and let's chat! Even if you’re only beginning to consider options, we'll talk through what's possible and how your wedding adventure can come to life!

To Get images like THIS... 

...then you need a photographer who can do THIS!

Let's Show Your
Adventurous Love Story!