Rainy Waterfall Elopement Adventure!

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What’s the most common trait in couples who choose to do an adventure elopement? FLEXIBILITY. Why? Well, what happens when the weather is “bad”* for your adventure elopement? This is where the true flexibility of my elopement packages and coverage—and how rad my eloping couples totally are!!!!—shines through! And, Stephanie and Armando’s gorgeous & lush waterfall adventure elopement package with family was a perfect example…

Here’s their story below –enjoy the TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) CliffsNotes version, or, Full Story version as you’d like! ?

“TL;DR” Mode—(I get it!) —

Wowzers, so many last minute weather complications, Batman!

Original backpacking location to a back country campground & waterfall elopement package location was rained OUT. Hard decisions debated. New elopement location & plan was built and activated in ~2 days for Stephanie & Armando and their Crew. Despite the changes, it turned out SO AMAZING you’d never even know that it wasn’t the original plan.

In sum—adventure elopements are rad. Couples who choose to do an adventure elopement are even more rad. And nimbleness and thinking and talking about how we’ll roll with the punches in the moment during your elopement will make ALL the difference in how well you (and your Crew!) can adapt to a change in “plan” ?♥️?

Scroll below to see images of how their adventurous waterfall elopement package came to life!

“I’ve Got My Coffee in Hand & I WANT THE STORY” Mode—(Let’s do it!) —

In our initial conversation, Stephanie & Armando shared their absolute love of waterfalls, and that throughout their relationship, they found themselves on travels to take them out in search of new and beautiful falls to explore.

So, once they found me on Facebook and realized that something totally different could be out there for them in terms of weddings, they decided to reach out. They knew they wanted adventure, but there was no way they could imagine getting married without their immediate family and best friends there with them.  Their question to me was…

How do I take into account the weather?

The weather will be unpredictable no matter how much we try watching our apps. Instead of adding stress to your day, I urge my couples to embrace the weather. Having unexpected weather actually brings new adventures, new beauty, and some surprising positives to any adventure!!

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