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When comparing the COST OF A WEDDING versus the COST TO ELOPE in 2021… ..Remember your elopement is special because of the things you love, that excite you, and, that have meaning to you –NOT–your cost to elope… So as you calculate how much you might spend on your dream elopement, there are lots of […]

Cost to Elope in 2021! Now You Know :-D

Following their adventure wedding during their stay at Greystone Inn, a barefoot bride and groom with hiking shoes on smile broadly exchanging a champagne toast and picnic on the resort’s lush, green hillside front lawn overlooking Lake Toxaway. The grey wooden building, stone patio with rocking chairs and expansive windows of the Grey Stone Mansion are visible in the background at the top of the hill. This adventure wedding image was taken by MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography.

Engagement – Anniversary – Just Because! Anna + Grant – Mountain Biking Adventure Session WHAT IS an Adventure Session, and what does it look like in “real life?” Meet Anna & Grant 🙂 Married for 10+ fast years, their love of activities of all kinds around the North Woods of Wisconsin take them on beautiful,, […]

Mountain Biking Adventure Session

A couple rests during a Tennessee Mountain Bike adventure session with an elopement photographer

What’s the most common trait in couples who choose to do an adventure elopement? FLEXIBILITY. Why? Well, what happens when the weather is “bad”* for your adventure elopement? This is where the true flexibility of my elopement packages and coverage—and how rad my eloping couples totally are!!!!—shines through! And, Stephanie and Armando’s gorgeous & lush […]

Rainy Waterfall Elopement Adventure!

after their waterfall elopement a couple walks on wooded rich green forest path path as the groom kisses the brides head gently

When you think of an elopement, what do you think of? For some couples, a “Just Us Two” adventure sounds just right 😀 But, for lots of couples, there’s something critical missing from that story—the warmth of celebration with loved ones throughout the adventure… The laughs on the hike, hugs, loving words, and gentle support that come as they share this beautiful experience with those they treasure most. For this moment to make their soul tingle, there needs to be the option to elope with family… but how????

4 Ways to *Not* Elope Alone!

photographer in the Southeast for hiking adventure elopements with family

F2020.  Yowzers.  To say it’s been complicated is, a gross understatement.  And to all of the couples who have been trying to explore wedding options during COVID-19 and then be able to plan the wedding during this time, it’s been insanely tough with starts and stops, and, changes galore.  And in the midst of it […]

Wedding Options During COVID-19 to Marry Now, Not Later!

in a Kentucky adventure elopement a couple in wedding attire stands on a rock with a water fall behind them The elopement is in a very large natural ampitheatre surrounding them. The bride reads her vows to the groom during this Kentucky hiking elopement surround by rushing water and lush forests and towering rock walls.

Not sure what an Adventure Elopement is?!?  Didn’t know that an “Adventure Wedding” was a thing?!?  Didn’t know you could “elope” with your family with you?  Feeling lost thinking about what needs to be done and how to plan an elopement?!? No worries, you’re not alone! When Robin & Bo first chatted with me, they […]

How to Plan an Elopement: Bo+Robin’s Rad Journey!

A groom looks at his partner with a huge smile during their hiking elopement ceremony in the rain. They stand together smiling under a clear umbrella.

As you start to explore the idea of breaking away from a more traditional wedding, finding the right adventure wedding locations for that best fit your story and your needs will be an early –and very important– topic! This idea of ‘wedding location’ gets kicked up a few notches in importance as you begin to […]

Finding YOUR Perfect Adventure Wedding Locations!

Adventure wedding location for a beach wedding on Cumberland Island

The Beauty of Intimate Adventure Weddings The moments leading up to this beautiful exchange pictured above were quiet…. A warm, gentle breeze rustling the trees, the gentle lapping of the water against the rocks along the shore. No one pushing a timeline because the caterer is coming, the DJ is here and charges by the […]

*7* TIPS to Break FREE from a Traditional Wedding

Elopement ceremony overlooking a lake in South CArolina at dawn captured by an adventure wedding and elopement photographer

Outdoor Photography for ALL Occasions! If you’re looking for an adventure a little closer to home, I’ve got you covered still!  Visit me at the other side of my house at my “sister brand” MAKE / Instinctive Images.    Servicing Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, and the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area, I’m excited to work with […]

When Adventure is Closer to Home…