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Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.  And, with my whole soul, I believe that you and your partner should marry in a way that feels like you. SO... Four years ago, I completely reworked my photography business to honor that vision. I changed course so that you can too.  Ready to explore eloping?!  Let's Chat!
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THE Greatest Southern Elopement Activity Ideas

Activity Inspiration

You’ve come here to read some incredible Southern elopement activity ideas, so I won’t hold you too long before I share all the juicy details. But we have to agree on a few things first…

  1. Have an open mind while reading. As you read this list of activities, you might think that some of these don’t align with what you’d expect for a wedding experience (who wants traditional anyways?!) but I promise you that there is a way to make each and every one of these happen within your elopement.
  2. There is nothing holding you back (except yourself!) There is nothing off limits to what you can include within your wedding experience. This list is just a start, and your elopement can be whatever you could possibly imagine as long as you open your mind to the possibilities.
  3. The point of your elopement is to honor and celebrate the love that you and your partner share. As long as you two feel happy with the plans, it’s the right wedding plan!

OKAY now that we’ve set the ground rules, scroll down to read these southern elopement activity ideas list for some epic adventures.

If you want to get sweaty during your elopement, here is your activity guide:

HIKING is always an incredible elopement option. I love an elopement that involves hiking because it can be done early morning, late at night, or in the daylight — the perfect addition to a day of celebration. There are so many incredible hikes in the south (here is a list of 15 of the best spots) and amazing sights to be seen. No matter your hiking capabilities, you can include a quick (or long) hike within your day. Hiking allows you to get grounded outdoors before your ceremony or a bit of hiking can get you to the most magical ceremony spots.

PS–Family friend trails that are more accessible for loved ones with mobility limits are possible! I’d love to help you find the right spot for you and the crew.

APPALACHIAN TRAIL hiking deserves its own highlight. It’s famous for a reason- The A.T. brings you over 2,000 miles of trail with endless options to explore and places to share your vows. Here are some summits worth highlighting…

  • Blood Mountain (4 to 16 mile hike)
  • Tray Mountain (5 mile hike)
  • Cowrock Mountain (2.2 mile hike)
  • Preachers Rock (1 mile hike) This is one of the shortest day hikes with a breathtaking destination. This would make a stellar sunrise session. A sunrise session would leave an entire day filled with adventure, celebration, and joy. 

MOUNTAIN BIKING is a great activity for my people that want a little bit more action within their day. Mountain biking is a blast (iykyk). What better way to say “I do” than with the rush that comes from hitting a trail?!

If your day is best spent getting wet, check out these southern elopement activity ideas on (or near) the water:

KAYAKING / PADDLE BOARDING are perfect wedding day activities because they lead you to slow down and live in the moment. You get outside, on the water, and get marinate in the gentle moments with your loved one. This is also a fun activity if you’re eloping with family and friends too!

PONTOON it up during your elopement. Pontoons are a super easy way for someone to spend extended periods of time on the water without needing a guide or without having a lot of boating experience. You could have your ceremony on the water and spend the rest of the day soaking in the sunshine and love with your partner. You can add a bit of decoration, spread out, and take your time.

SAILING is a delicious way to feel the magic of spending time on the water. When the wind catches the sails, the glide is unlike anything else. The south has a lot of great options to elope on the water, but Tybee Island, Savannah can give you white sand beaches, bright blue water, Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse, and the ocean to sail around. Imagine spending an entire weekend on a sailboat getting married?! The “post-marriage bubble” would be incredible.

Chase those Waterfalls, baby! Chasing waterfalls is such a southern activity and would make a great “entertainment” option. There are endless waterfalls begging for you to discover. Share your vows at an epic waterfall or even just make the waterfall tour a part of your elopement experience.

Here’s an elopement guide if you want to see the south from the sky.

HOT AIR BALLOONS are so magical in general, but especially for an elopement experience. Check out this hot air balloon vow renewal I did in Helen, Georgia at the Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race. It was truly incredible to be surrounded by balloons and float in the sky!

FARRIS WHEELS are a great addition to add to an elopement activity, especially an urban elopement. They are quick, easy to find, and give you just a bit of extra pizzazz.

When you think about a HELICOPTER, you might not think about spots in the south to explore sky-high, but I promise that a helicopter ride is an incredible elopement activity no matter where it takes place. If you’re flying over a city at night, the lights will captivate you. If you’re flying over mountains and forests, you will be mesmerized by an unexpected perspective.

Southern Elopement Activity Ideas: All Alone.

HORSEBACK RIDING is the perfect elopement activity for the couple that is into cottage core, fairy vibes. Imagine this– you and your love in a hidden little meadow surrounded by lush green and wildflowers and horses grazing around you while you share a perfectly curated picnic after your vows. Are you into it? Check out this Blue Ridge Elopement Idea.

BACKWOODS CRUISING in a rented convertible or sweet backroads ride, just you two. The North Georgia mountains have amazing roads for an afternoon of driving. The reason this would be an awesome activity within your elopement is that you and your partner can drive together and have some time to talk, connect, and just be present together. Or it’s a great spot to blow off some steam bumping the fire service roads or with scream-singing with the roof down. 😉

If your speed is slower activity, get cozy during your elopement!

EPIC ACCOMMODATIONS add a really nice touch to any elopement. You could go glamping, rent a tree house, or just a nice Airbnb. By being intentional about your accommodations, you can make it a part of the experience. Night of, the morning after, or bathtub shoots can add a really romantic, intimate look into the quiet moments during your elopement experience. These moments might not seem super important while planning, but when you look back on your wedding experience it will be the sweet intimate looks that are etched in your mind, why not steward those?!

If you’ve ever been to camp, you know, CAMPFIRES open hearts. End your wedding experience with an intimate campfire with your loved ones to reflect on the day’s adventure. It’s a simple way to emphasize the romance and get cozy together.

NIGHT SHOOTS deserve their own little moment. Night shoots create the coziest images. Whether your ceremony ends in the dark and we grab some lanterns, or you do something more intentional at night, don’t miss out on a night shoot. I mean…just look!

Let your intuition be your true elopement guide.

Remember number 2 on our list of ground rules? There is nothing holding you back from creating a “holy shit I can’t believe we did this!!!” type of elopement experience. So wherever your intuition is guiding you two, follow it. You can make your wedding experience whatever you can imagine and I’ve seen how good it turns out when couples dream big.

If you would like some help unlocking your imagination about an adventure elopement in the South, check out this blog about breaking free from tradition.

If you’re ready to dive in but unsure how to make it happen, I’m here to help! Not only am I an equipped elopement adventure photographer, but I’m also an elopement concierge for my couples. This means I help make their vision happen as smoothly as possible! Learn more here.

If you’re ready to get on my books, send me a message here!

How do you pick the right elopement location?

The only RIGHT location is the one that makes you and your partner happy, excited, and ready to celebrate your love. No one else can decide what location is good, or even best, for you.

What are the limitations to what you can do during an elopement?

Contrary to popular belief…there are NO limitations to what you can include during your wedding experience.

Hi! I’m Kate, 

and I’m in your corner.

Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.

With my whole soul, I believe that you and your partner should marry in a way that feels like you.   SO... Four years ago, I completely reworked my photography business to honor that vision.  To create a safe space for couples to create a wedding experience that feels right.

I changed course so that you can too.

Freeing couples to get married exactly how they want to, with no limits on what that looks like.   Is that bold?!?  Maybe, but you're ready!  

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