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Why they loved it: A casual celebratory 20-yr vow renewal adventure with flexibility so their children could be involved!

When most people think about an adventure elopement, they think about a runaway couple headed to the West to secretly share their vows alone. But that isn’t what elopement means these days. It can include your loved ones! But as an elopement photographer in the South, I try to encourage my clients to think out of the box and do things their way.

In fact, an adventure elopement doesn’t even have to mean your first wedding!

Rashidah (she/her/hers) and Rahman (he/him/his) decided to do an elopement vow renewal. This was a way to celebrate their love, their 20-year victory, and the beautiful family they have created together.

After 20 years together, Rashidah and Rahman have seen a lot of life. They’ve grown, evolved, and continued to maintain the love they originally shared. (And as any other married person will tell ya, that isn’t easy work!!)

Thankfully, they were excited to adventure with me, trusting me on a magical location in scouted in my work as an elopement photographer in the South. ❤️️

As an adventure elopement photographer in the South, I meet people in all kinds of ways. This is a super fun aspect of my job because it allows me to see my clients for who they are and find out what they love.

I met Rashidah many moons ago at a photo shoot I was having at her job! YearUp is an organization that provides job training with programming technical, professional, and personal skill development to underserved communities, and it brought us together. ❤️

Scroll down to meet Rashidah and Rahman, see how they involved their family in their elopement, and check out their 20-year vow renewal. 

20 years later, even bigger love…celebrated through elopement!

We met up at the trailhead late morning. Rahman took the girls and stepped away so Rashidah could get dressed (with the help of her best friend!) and touch up her makeup in the parking lot. (All the best elopements start with getting ready in a parking lot!! LOL)

They shared a first look, traditionally more for the groom to see the bride, but this involved their two daughters! As the littlest daughter said “Beautiful mommy” when she saw her, my heart literally melted. It was so sweet to have the whole family amazed by their stunning matriarch. 

Altogether, we loaded up the wagon, goodies, and head down the trail to the cliffs and creek – specifically one of my very favorite secret spots in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, about 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta (another perk to having a specialized elopement photographer in the south!)

Follow the leader – Perks to an elopement photographer in the south

Our hike was slow and peaceful as we took in several curious deer, picked up fun leaves, and admired flowers on the way. 

When I help my elopement clients with their itinerary, it is always so important to me that we leave space for breathing room, in this case, space for kiddos and admiration!

As we neared our location, we scout out some spots for the girls to play (under Grandma’s watchful eye) and a private little nook for the upcoming vows. 

With our plan made, we all took a moment to recharge with the kids, sharing food and hugs, and then Rashida, Rahman, and I snuck off for their ceremony.

Here comes the bride, to her elopement!

With their handmade vow books, and pictures drawn by the girls, Rashida and Rahman shared their vows, we took some portraits and we laughed.

My favorite part of this vow renewal was how much this family laughed. There was truly SO MUCH laughter. It was fun, light, and carefree. There was no stress, even when the girls got a little tired and hungry. 

When it comes to involving more than just you two, there are bound to be more hiccups along the way…but hiccups don’t mean problems, it just means unexpected solutions!

Another benefit of having a professional elopement photographer from the South on your team is that I am known for my ability to adjust, problem-solve, and think creatively when “problems” arise.

This was a perfect-sized adventure with kids, close to home, casual, but incredibly fun.

Celebrating love, in your own way

Regardless of if you’re planning your elopement, you’ve been married for a year, you’re about to hit year 20, or even beyond…an adventure elopement has the power to capture your love in its truest form – surrounded by your loved ones, doing something that lights you up.

If you want to celebrate your love, I would love to be a part of helping make that happen. Together we can create an epic experience that feels just right for you two.

Want to see another way to elope? Check out this hybrid “just us two” + “family-inclusive” elopement at Olympic National Park!

Shouldn’t elopements only be for first-time weddings?

Absolutely not. You can do anything and everything, elopement style. This vow renewal wasn’t “technically” an elopement, but I still pulled out all my wisdom as an elopement photographer in the South. We created an incredibly whimsical wedding experience.

I thought elopements didn’t include guests. Am I right?

Nope! An elopement can be whatever you want it to be – guests included! If it feels like the right celebration for YOU, then is can (and should) be done during your elopement!

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