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Jaw-Dropping Places to Elope in North Carolina

Location Inspiration

If you’re looking for places to elope in North Carolina, the options are endless, especially if you’re looking for some waterfall action! 

North Carolina offers amazing elopement potential from hiking adventure, waterfall exploration, and mystical forests to lively urban spots.

Places in Asheville, North Carolina to elope–

If you’ve never been to Asheville then you have no idea what a funky, cool city it is! This city is in Western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This vibrant town has a great art scene, riveting history, and amazing food. There are endless astounding Airbnbs + VRBOs (like this one!). Asheville would be an excellent hub for your adventure with proximity to some of the most perfect places to elope in North Carolina. 

Roaring Fork Falls:

If you’re on the hunt for a romantic waterfall that looks straight out of a movie, check out Roaring Fork Falls. Tucked inside the Pisgah National Forest, this beautiful cascade is 100 feet long. The hike to the falls is only half a mile and is generally considered decently flat considering the surrounding areas. I would recommend this location after some rain, so let’s be strategic on the date!

Parking is limited at the Falls, and like many easier-to-access waterfalls around Asheville, you may want to think about a non-weekend elopement ceremony date for fewer other hikers in the space as well. 

Wiseman’s View:

Wiseman’s View gives you wide-open views of Linville Gorge, often called the Grand Canyon of Eastern America.

If you want to feel immersed in the scenery, descend down to either of the two stone viewing platforms jutted out from the cliff edge. One platform is accessed via a paved accessible trail, and the other is by descending some beautiful natural stacked stone stairs. From here, you are treated to sweeping views all around you.

A good spot to elope in North Carolina for two or a crew!

Not only could these viewing platforms make a great spot for vows for just you two, but the grassy area above the overlook platforms is also packed with views, so could actually make a fun, interesting spot for an “Us Two + the Crew” family-inclusive elopement ceremony location!

Accessed from along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and still within Pisgah National Forest, getting to your elopement spot at Wiseman’s will give you a small taste of adventure as it is about 4 miles in on a gravel forest service road that can have some bumps! Drive as slow as you need, and using an SUV, truck, or another higher clearance car is a good call for this drive. The afternoon has the best light, so keep that in mind when planning!

Image courtesy the rad NCTripping.com

Asheville Bonus!

If you’re wanting to channel your inner fancy pants for a more formal elopement (or, a fun activity to explore on your adventure day!), Asheville has this incredible estate called Biltmore House. The architecture is elegant and has been maintained for over a century. There is a fascinating history, lush gardens, and a vineyard experience, too!

Where to Elope in Brevard, North Carolina

A lot of people have at least heard about Asheville, but not many have heard of Brevard. Welcome to one of the best places to elope in North Carolina.

Bold statement?!?! Maybe, but I’m ALL IN on Brevard❤️️

Let me give you a glimpse of why this town could be the right place for your elopement! 

Think small-town romance set in the middle of the forest: warm sunshine, sweet smiles shared with your love, and it wouldn’t even surprise me if the animals started singing for you.?

To me, this seems like a classic (and amazing) setting for any marriage to take place. BUT there is also ceaseless adventure. 

Because Brevard is a little less known, with planning, there can be fewer crowds and more intimate nooks for your adventure elopement. 

It is located on the edge of North and South Carolina and only 45 minutes outside of Asheville. This gives you good access to a lot of other locations throughout the south. 

Sat right in the heart of the Pisgah National Forest, and just off the famed Blue Ridge Parkway, there are casual to advanced hiking trails leading to over 200 waterfalls.

Brevard also brings us immense mountain beauty and overlooks both driveable and hikeable. Want more for your elopement? There are forest riding stables, mountain biking, and car and camping tours. 

Brevard is also home to Looking Glass Rock.

This rock is about 4,000 feet in elevation and is visible from the Blue Ridge Parkway. I know you’re thinking “Okay cool, Kate? What’s so special?!?!”

This rock is special because it is a giant rock of granite with sweeping views, which if you love epic elopement vibes, is going to be your jam! With a 3-mile moderately difficult trail, you do need to put in work. BUT the views will absolutely be worth it!

(But, if you’re wanting a similar feeling of sweeping views with a shorter or easier hike, I’ve got you! Let’s talk!)

Lastly, have you ever explored the accommodations offered in tiny mountain towns that lean artsy? They are super cool (peep this gem ? )and could make a great home base (or, maybe location!!) for your ceremony!

In short, Brevard would be a sublime place to get married in North Carolina!

Elope in North Carolina with the Scenic Waterfall Loop–

I might as well welcome you *virtually* to the land of waterfalls. There are hundreds of waterfalls in North Carolina. There are so many that there are books written only about the NC waterfalls, and websites dedicated solely to sharing notes and GPS coordinates of hidden finds. 

If you like waterfalls, you will LOVE all the places you could have a waterfall elopement in North Carolina!

This Scenic Waterfall Loop will take you by 11 different waterfalls within 4.5 hours. Some falls are visible from the road and others will require a short hike, but this experience is accessible and memorable. 

Imagine renting a convertible or open-top Jeep and driving all around the charming state of North Carolina. Along the way, you can pick and choose some of the best additional stops for good food, cool lodging, exciting adventure activities, and intimate parts of your all-day or multi-day elopement experience. ❤️️

Blue Ridge Parkway– A great spot to elope in NC!

I’ve mentioned the Blue Ridge Parkway a couple of times so far, but I wanted to dive into it a little deeper. The Blue Ridge Parkway is an All-American Road known for its beauty. It runs for 469 miles across multiple states. 

If the mention of road trips and stolen moments in the car fills your mind with sweet memories, this would be a great elopement adventure for you! I love that road trips create a bond unlike any other.

The Blue Ridge Parkway can give you private moments together, while also making your day special by car and by foot! As you cruise sections of the Parkway and surrounding Forest Service roads, it takes you to numerous mountains and trails to explore.

Imagine this:

Imagine sharing your vows with your crew in the forest in a fern-covered clearing, a beautiful & accessible overlook, or near one of many waterfalls in the morning. Everyone celebrates together with the pop of champagne (leave no trace friendly, of course!)

Then, you two escape for a private experience on a mountain top. You share a lovely celebration picnic, explore the area–celebrating just being together, and then soak in your first dance together on the mountain at sunset.

Still feeling like partying? Then rejoin your crew at your cabin home base for campfire fun to close out your beautiful day!

Pro Tip: The Blue Ridge Parkway in all its miles of amazing is actually a National Park! There are very real considerations on permits, allowed elopement/wedding locations, and, Leave No Trace rules (notably, NO live or dried flowers are allowed to prevent invasive plants!).

So, as you scout elopement photographers, ensure they are knowledgeable about how to plan and prepare with these limits in mind. If the photographer or planner you are talking with simply says “Sure, you can have your ceremony anywhere!”, buyer beware. ?

Charlotte, NC could make another great spot to elope in North Carolina

If you’re wanting more of an urban elopement, Charlotte would make the perfect place to elope! Not only is the city fun in that is modern urban, but it is surrounded by some awesome nature! When thinking about an urban elopement you can base your experience around what you two love- breweries, museums, music, dancing, in-town parks & green spaces, etc. 

Here are some standout cool spots that you can only find in Charlotte…

PLUS- there are some extraordinary vendor options (like this florist!)

Max Patch–

Max Patch has been one of the most popular places to elope in North Carolina for epic mountain views, but it has since closed for commercial events. There was too much environmental and visitor experience impact happening in this wilderness area due to overuse, so they are limiting commercial use (like elopements & weddings) so it can be rehabilitated. But, fear not… I do have some great recommendations for Max Patch elopement location alternatives if this feeling is what you’re looking for!

Hungry for More Elopement Locations in North Carolina?

I’ll be honest, I’ve also got some secret North Carolina elopement spots in my back pocket that I love to share with my couples as we plan their adventures?

SO…if you’re wanting to have a beautiful or epic adventure elopement in North Carolina and you think we’d jive well, I’d love the privilege to help plan & then photograph your experience! I am so stoked to share my exploration & findings as we plan?

There are truly wonderful places to elope in North Carolina. This list just barely scratches the surface of what this state has to offer!

If you’re ready to create the wedding experience that is right for you two, let’s talk.❤️️ I want everyone to have the experience, story, and feeling of their wedding or elopement experience that feels good and excites you. 

What if I don’t want to get married in North Carolina?

No problem!! I have some awesome suggestions for AlabamaFloridaGeorgia -or- Tennessee!

Any suggestions outside of the south?

So many! If you shoot me an email, I would love to help you find some options.

Hi! I’m Kate, 

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Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.

With my whole soul, I believe that you and your partner should marry in a way that feels like you.   SO... Four years ago, I completely reworked my photography business to honor that vision.  To create a safe space for couples to create a wedding experience that feels right.

I changed course so that you can too.

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