Capturing Love: A Story Told through Adventure Engagement Photos

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WHY THEY LOVED IT: Engagement photos that were fun and carefree, AND, created images both they and their families loved.

One of my very favorite places to make connections is at climbing events and that’s how this engagement shoot came about. I met Levi (he, him) and Rachel (she, her). We had met each other at the Sickness climbing competition over in Gadsten, Alabama hosted by the Southeast Climbers Coalition (SCC).

At this specific event, I had taken some cool pictures of them both, so when they began looking for someone to shoot their engagement photos, I came to mind!

Together we creatively brainstormed what would make an epic engagement session. We decided on Arabia Mountain in Atlanta, GA. Arabia Mountain is special because it is a granite monolith that the south is known for! The hike to the top is casual and about 1 mile from the parking lot to the top. At the top, you can see the tree-filled city of Atlanta.

Engagement Photos unlock the unexpected

We originally wanted a sunrise session (who doesn’t love a sunrise on a mountaintop?!) but a giant storm was set to roll in over the weekend. With some quick problem-solving, we created the perfect plan for a sunset session the night before that went on without a hitch!

I share this adaption because things do happen and especially when you want to get outside- we have to make sure everyone remains safe.

But just because plan A doesn’t work out does NOT mean the experience is any less than…in fact, most of the time plan B (or C) is even better than the original!

Don’t rush your engagement photos

Their customized package for Atlanta engagement photos encompassed enough time for photographs, capturing the light changes at sunset, and hiking.

We met up about 2 hours before sunset. Rachel got ready outside the car and then it was time to get started. We meandered our way down the trail, exploring where our hearts led. Once we reached the top, we picked a good spot for a snack while waiting for the sunset to begin its show.

Sunset continued with beautiful skies, while Rachel and Levi shared quiet, gentle snuggles as the moon rose.

At that point, we listened to the summer night sounds as we hiked down the hill all alone. No one else waited for the moon’s magic.

Engagement Photos should be more than an obligation

 Rachel and Levi embraced the bigger reason for their Atlanta engagement photos. Engagement shoots are a traditional requirement to use for a “save the date” invitation. But they should be viewed as so much more than just a necessity.

Engagement photos are an occasion to celebrate the love you share and this couple celebrated their love wonderfully. They shared lots of laughter, playful banter, and gentle snuggles.

My favorite moment from the night was when the moon was rising in the sky, Levi and Rachel were snuggled up together and the wind picked up, sending dress and hair all dancing lightly in the breeze. It was a quiet, intimate moment and you could feel the love in the air. ❤️

They celebrated the decision that they made to say “I do” to each other and it was an honor to capture it!

Love Stories Deserve to be Told

 One final thing I want to point out is that they both wore backpacks. This fashion choice provided massive help in carrying the things we wanted to bring, but I think they brought so much more to the pictures than one would think.

To some, a backpack might not be the “aesthetic choice,” but to the story of Levi and Rachel- they were the perfect accessory!

As you plan your photoshoots, think about ways to tell your story… EVEN IF it doesn’t align with the current trendy portraits. Capturing your true story is way more important. 😉

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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