Breathe Deep

My Adventure Elopement Packages are made to help you bust OUT of the box... 

Not stay crammed down inside it.

I take building & photographing an elopement experience that fits your vision incredibly seriously.  

Why? Helping you see all that is possible when you throw the box of "expected" out the damn window is my literal joy. 

And it starts here, with you calm, happy  and empowered as you realize:

🎉 Your Wedding is for YOU 🎉

An elopement totally unique to you.

Everything you want.
 Nothing you don't. 

How this Works

An adventure elopement means getting married on your terms. 

You decide how you want to feel as you wed your partner, and I’ll arrange everything else to conspire to help you feel that way.

Tradition and other people’s expectations don’t just take a backseat - they don’t even have to be in the car. (Or Jeep. Or helicopter.) 

Celebrate your vows with places and experiences you both love.

THere's a Plan For That!

 -1- Book a Free Brainstorming Session!

Ask me ALLLLLL the questions!  Dare to say what's in your heart.  We'll kick around some ideas  how/where  you could bring your elopement to life!

-2- Review & Pick Your Elopement package

If eloping sounds rad to you, I'm ready!  After the call, review & sign a contract with an elopement package, a target date + placeholder location, pay your retainer, and we are READY!

-3-  You get to Dream

A 70+ page Elopement Planning Guide and a visioning questionnaire kick off the plan & build process for your dream elopement. Goodbye, "box." You are set free

-4-  You Are Supported

We become a tight knit team.  Planning.  Dreaming. Doing.  Being brave to your goals even when others  push you to doubt.  

-5-  You ELOPE! ❤️️

Ideas come to life.  "Could we...?" wishes become real experiences.  YOU TWO ELOPE, and it is more amazing than you ever imagined it could be. No regrets.❤️️

Soak in each moment; I'll capture beautiful images to help your memories live forever

Not sure what your elopement Could be?  Good! 🥳️

You'll be amazed at what elopement adventures are possible! 😄

So go ahead and toss me your biggest, wildest "What if we could..." ideas. 

It’s one thing to like the idea of an adventurous wedding. But ideas need logistics:
  • How do you hire a river guide? 
  • Can you get wedding cake up a mountainside? 
  • What if you actually want a few of the crew to be there? 
  •  What about parents, who can’t hike? 

Your dreams are absolutely possible. You just need someone who has been this way before.

I am your go-to-resource from start to finish, so much more than just a photographer.

My superpower is turning the seed of an idea --or even just a feeling-- into real plans, complete with Jeep driver, heli pilot, kayaks, climbing ropes, or hiking boots at the ready.

You’re going to need someone in your corner to make this happen.

Meet Me

Hi! I'm Kate!

So much so, I changed course back in 2018 to focus only on photographing & planning them.   I've never looked back.

I've seen a lot. Solved a lot.  Lived experiences that nourished my soul and created & captured core memories for truly amazing humans. 

I can't wait to help make your elopement experience amazing, too.❤️️

Wanderlust has taken me to experiences in 15 international countries and 30+ US States!   

Lifelong “sporto.” Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.

And, I believe without apology in the beauty of elopements. 

Let's build your elopement adventure!

Anna & Ryan

            We had vague ideas of what we wanted, but Kate took these and developed them into a coherent plan.” 

“We knew we wanted the wedding to be fairly non-traditional - including an epic hike for a sunrise private vow exchange. Initially, we didn't really know where to start planning such an event...

What's Possible?

How this works - EVERY Elopement Package Includes...

As Your Elopement Concierge, I:

Build adventure logistics.

Want to climb a cliff together and get married up top? I will find the cliff, climbing guide and Jeep driver to take you there. Catamaran, heli, hot air balloon, paddleboard, kayak, or boat captain - I will track down anything you need to complete the adventure. As a seasoned outdoor veteran, I know how to find the best.

Vet local vendors.

Does your dream include a picnic and a bouquet? You send a mood board, I’ll find and vet the vegan bakery + florist for you. All you have to do is make the final call. 

Guide licensing, legalities, and location. 

This is a real wedding! I will handle coordinating any permits needed for the location and wedding, and guide you on marriage license needs. (I am also certified to sign your wedding license , if you don’t want a traditional officiant! 🙌)

Help you build your day. 

You tell me what makes your heart sing, and I’ll help you translate that into a unique day with actual places and activities. I also have a full elopement planning guide to help you visualize what you want as we brainstorm!

In sum?  You could do it all alone, but with me, you don't have to. 

I’m in your corner, there to nudge you toward what you want when people or circumstances start to tug you away. I’ll be ready with wording for how to handle unexpected bumps from others. Any time you need a steadying helper, I’ll be there.

Calm and settle your feelings.

I’ve worked in corporate special projects - an on-time, on-budget, seamless experience is everything! I create a custom timeline that includes everything from when to book your pre-vetted caterer to the time to tell them to deliver the picnic. This isn’t on you to bring all the moving parts together - I put the answers at your fingertips. (This may not sound like a big deal right now - but you’ll thank me later😜)

Create a timeline.

Concierge is only part of what I do in EACH Elopement package

As Your Photographer, I:

Photograph the elopement adventure.

An experience this steeped in meaning deserves top-notch photo coverage that can keep up with you. I’ve been a professional photographer for 8+ years, and an outdoor enthusiast for a lifetime. You want to repel down a mountain in your wedding dress? I’ll be quietly zipping down next to you, photographing the whole time.

Stand side by side in the action

I’m an ordained wedding officiant, trained in wilderness first aid, and experienced in navigating the outdoors. If you want to keep your party small, you’re going to need someone who can play multiple roles. If you need an activity-specific guide, I’ll help you find one, but I’m always on there to step in, side by side with you when you need that spare pair of hands.

Legit, this is my "I'm so stoked!" mood face, and it's my favorite 😂 😂😂

Deliver an album.

When was the last time you pulled a picture off a USB thumb drive to look at? Yeah, I thought so. No client walks away without credits towards prints + a gorgeous lay flat album to hold and cherish that I help design for you.

Deliver parent albums.

I’ve had clients tell me their parents were unsure why they chose elopement, “but when they saw the photos, they said, “oh, we get it now.” Built into my packages are two smaller versions of your album for sharing with loved ones.

Deliver digital files.

Social media, here we come! Just because you chose to keep the wedding experience intimate doesn’t mean you don’t want to share parts of it and enjoy the well-wishes of others. You’ll have that option.  Download & print rights are yours!


Kate asked excellent questions which showed her clear experience... and helped better prepare us all for the big day.

Many thanks to Kate for helping catalog our big day with beautiful photos that our community will cherish. (Also Kate's a great dancer and super fun to have around - you won't regret having her at your event!)

Adventure Elopement PACKAGES & PRICING

Elopement Concierge Support!   

All the customized planning listed above -- vendors, locations, unique activity ideas,  fully custom timeline for our adventure + so much more!

Full Day (12+ Hours) of PHotography coverage

Ceremony, celebration, unique adventure. You get to have it ALL❤️️

I provide beautiful fly-on-the-wall, candid, experience-focused photography, which, becomes full-resolution digitals, included albums & credits to choose gorgeous display pieces 

Your unique Adventure starts with An Elopement Package at it's core:

✨Anywhere in the WORLD✨ Wedding & Elopement Package

NO CHARGE Ordained officiant Signoff

I can legally sign for your marriage as needed (and where allowed by law)


Wherever in the world adventure calls you, I'll be there! 

International Elopement Packages start at $8,000

Let me help you craft & celebrate your elopement in a place that brings bucketlist dreams to life. 

Beachside eco-house in Thailand?
A sailboat in Greece?  Safari in Africa? 

International adventure, unforgettable experiences, and a level of joy you never imagined possible, and inspired by your love story awaits!❤️️

“Kate was the best decision we could have made for a photographer.

Can’t recommend her highly enough."

- Margaret & Dan


You have the power to build

your elopement

in a





that make you


(Secretly Asked Questions)

YOu have Elopement questions?  I have answers!

How did I do? Did I miss one? There’s an easy way to fix that!

What if I’m not sure whether my family will be on board?

I have specific ideas to help you talk to them here. Two answers for now…
One: I firmly believe that everyone is best served when the couple getting married is honored in the way that feels best to them. I’ll be ready with support, wording, and ideas if you encounter any confusion or pushback from outside parties.
And two: Your family can absolutely be included in whatever way you want! There are no rules about what an elopement has to be. Some of the best elopements I’ve seen included one day of family events and one day of private adventure, and I love helping make that happen, if it’s what you want.

What if I have an awkward family situation that I feel weird even telling you about?

No judgment. At all. I am here to honor you and what you want.
Complex family situations happen, and we can work out any tangles in a way that feels right for you.
I am also ready with sensitive wording ideas for having careful, clear conversations with others about your wishes and plans. Sometimes all you need is a kernel of an idea for how to say something that helps you tell the truth.

How do I talk to my partner about this idea? This idea will be new to them.

I would start by having a conversation about how you both want to feel on your wedding day. A gentle opener like, “I’ve been thinking about our wedding. Here’s what I want to feel on the day. Have you thought about that? What matters most to you on our wedding day?” If you like, you can add something like, “I am not sure I see myself in a traditional wedding because here’s what I worry it would feel like…”
Begin by being on the same page about how you want to feel, and go from there to talk about what kind of wedding experience supports those feelings. 
If they’ve never heard of or really seen an adventure elopement, scroll through my website or Instagram over dinner or cocktails one night! Seeing creates curiosity 😊

Love the idea of having an adventure, but have no clue where in the country we’d want to go. What happens if we can’t tell you what we want yet?

Concierge service to the rescue! I can completely work with wispy ideas and suggestions. You tell me what you want the day to feel like, or generally look like (“mountain lake” or “rock climbing, but with forest”) and I will scout out specific spots to suggest all across the US.
Many couples are surprised and say things like, “I can’t believe you found this place!” Location finding is one of my favorite parts, you can feel confident we’ll find the right spot for you.
Using info on location & activities, we’ll dial in time.  A full / multi-day elopement may seem 🤔, but adventure ≠ photoshoot.  An adventure is waaay more fun! 😉

How long does it take to plan an elopement?  When should we “pick a date?”

6-8 months gives you the most options, but I’ve had a couple who wanted to get married in three weeks on a family elopement and we made it happen, beautifully 😊
BUT, two caveats…
    ONE: Fall season books out fast. So, if you want a fall date, it’s better to plan in the 8-10 months out timing. 
    TWO:  If you want to get married in a very popular spot (eg: Rocky Mountain National Park,  Great Smoky Mtn NP, Moab, etc) plan to book at 12-18 months out. Some of these have strict location limits for permits, so tend to book out fast, and, far ahead.

What’s the difference between an adventure elopement concierge and a wedding planner?

I arrange everything to do with the adventure, and all you have to do is give final approval and book it.
You want to get married on a red desert cliff? I’ll find the spot, arrange the permits, locate the climbing guide, vet any local vendors you need for the adventure (think: florals or picnic!), and photograph your ceremony. I  give you the timeline & info for booking these individuals &  you do the final booking.
I handle all the adventure logistics that there is no “wedding checklist” online for – like prepping to your florist to design a backpack-sturdy bouquet for hiking, or coming ready with trekking poles, extra bright headlamps, gloves, sunscreen and snacks. (There are ALWAYS snacks!).
If you have logistics unrelated to the adventure part, like you want a boho-style lounge with twinkle lights atop the desert cliff and a sit-down dinner, you’ll probably want a wedding planner to help build those elements in. I can absolutely work with the planner and help them navigate the unfamiliar terrain, though.

Do we have to pay for your travel, too?

NOPE!  🎉
As my industry mentor once said, “I’m Amazon Prime, baby” – anywhere in the lower 48 states or Alaska, I ship for free!😄
I’ll get myself to the nearest spot that can be accessed by regular commercial travel and cover my own hotel, car, and food.  No complicated “per diems” like you see from other photographers!  If there’s a final leg only accessed by specialty travel, that’s the only leg you cover. 
Example?  I get myself to Fairbanks, you get me on your chartered float plane to the drop zone in the remote Gates of the Arctic National Park!  From there, we meet up with the guide service you’ve booked and we head into our stay in the park!

What about travel insurance? What if the weather is bad?

I will give you recommendations about travel insurance based on your adventure.
In terms of weather, while adventures thrive in all conditions –rain, snow, and everything in between!– I believe luck favors the prepared.  This means we plan your timeline as best we can for local conditions (afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains, I’m lookin’ at you!), but I always have backup plans for the backup plans. 🤓
I also track local conditions for you leading up to the wedding, and if something seems majorly amiss (like a wildfire), I will present you with options for that, too. Let me handle the leg work!

What if I still want some traditions, like a wedding cake and flowers?

Or, something non-traditional like including our dog?!?  Short answer–YES!  This is YOUR day, you can include whatever elements you like!
You’d be surprised how many ways there are to still include wedding cake in the middle of nowhere – you name it, we’ve done it. I’ve even helped arrange for makeup artists to arrive at cabins at 1:30am, and can work with your florist to help them design a bouquet that stays amazing in the rigors of adventure.
I can also help with ideas on ceremony options!
Whether you want your own private vows or a more traditional “ceremonial” gathering with family, I can give you ideas and examples to work from.   I am an ordained wedding officiant, but even if I sign the certificate, you can also have a friend or family member guide the ceremony.
We will talk about what you want it to feel like, and shape something that works for you.  ❤️