As Adventurers…

We get super excited about being with other adventurers!  Trading notes, sharing our favorite hidden gems, and getting out to do the activities/sports/adventures that make us feel most alive and joyful.  There is great fun in being with people also have the itch to “get out there!”

Our experience has been that more traditional wedding ceremonies can feel like that is what is expected, but, we know that the classic pomp and circumstance is not the best fit for every couple.  We want to liberate weddings.  We believe that nothing is more beautiful than deciding to honor your connection and commitment in the outdoors, or, by doing your sport of choice in some part of nature’s playground.  And so for us, the coolest thing is working with folks who want to do something personal and unique for this as one of the most important times of their lives.

If that sounds like something you and your partner are ready to explore, let’s chat!  We are so excited to get to know you over coffee (or Skype!), and learning about the experiences, the amazing places, and activities that you and your partner love!  But know this:  The active adventure wedding you want truly is possible, and we’ll be right there with you to capture the story.  New adventures.  New friends.  Amazing wedding memories!

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Scenic Utah Adventure Wedding Locations

  • Kate

  • Say hi to Kate! She's the 'totally up for whatever' geek behind the camera! Climber, cyclist, runner, backpacker, and all-round sporto. Recently realized she probably should have been surfing all her life too! Consumed by wanderlust, the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and hitting all 7 Continents top a very long bucket list!


  • Pete

  • Meet Pete! The dude who digs the details! He rocks maps, locations, and destination info like nobody’s business. If you need to know where you are (or where you’re going!) on or off the beaten path or a champion location scout, Pete’s your guy!

    Self diagnosed with a 4 Track Kind of Mind: Bikes. Coffee. Music. Travel.


The Traveling Trio
  • The Traveling Trio

  • Pete, Kate, and our elementary school aged daughter--enjoying our travels together, mostly off the beaten path! Learning through our wanderlust--beauty, kindness, adventure, food & flavors, and modes of transport that cause motion sickness! Always itching for the next adventure!