Meet Me

Hi!  I'm Kate!

Lifelong “sporto.”
Traveler. Organized optimist. Adventure accomplice.

I relish pulling off the "impossible," with style. (Hint: Luck favors the prepared!)

And I have a confession...

My husband Pete and I wanted to do a “geocache” wedding. 
The plan was simple: Drop the date + GPS coordinates to our favorite Utah desert spot to a few select guests, and meet them there.  

Ultimately, “practicalities” took over. The idea didn’t seem like it could come together. Was what we wanted “good” for everyone else?  Eventually, we ended up having a larger outdoor ceremony in Wisconsin.

Our day was beautiful. But I wish I’d known then what I know now:
Following our desire for an adventure ceremony in the desert would have spoken more to who we were as a couple.

It would have allowed us to do what we loved, even as we pledged to create more of those moments forever. Then, we could have followed it up with a family party later to bring it all back together.

As a wedding photographer, I grew restless watching clients go through similar things - their day turning out to contain a fraction of what they wanted, and overstuffed with exhausting events and things that were more about pleasing others.

Your story can be different.

If someone had been in our corner, gently nudging us toward what we wanted, ready with knowledge of how to make it happen, we could have pulled off our geocache dream. 

All we needed was someone to supply that experience, support and courage, while gently reminding us of our why. 

Today, this fuels my work as an accomplice & adventure concierge for others.  

Putting my photography, obsessive planning, and everything I’ve learned to work so that no adventuresome couple has to look back and say, “I wish there had been a way to ____.”


I’m excited to help you find it.  

The TL;DR version


Average number of emojis in a text.  Emojis are my love language  😂🙌❤️


The number of times I will ask you, "Is this what YOU want?" as we're planning 👀


The % of my couples who hadn't been to the "spot" they eloped at before I found it for them!⛰️ 🌊🌳

WHere we hoped to be...
WHere we ended up...

She is very easy going and laid back. A real problem solver and forecaster. 
The details she thinks of with plenty of back up plans is impressive. 

Katelyn + Russ

We wanted a nature scene but had no idea where to go. She offered up an idea, we went with it and it was absolutely perfect! 10/10 hands down would recommend!

Mari & Donnell

We encountered many last second road blocks and hiccups towards the end and she nimbly helped us adjust for every single one. By the time we met her we truly felt like we knew her and she was a part of our lives for years. 

Umi & John

She was able to tell our wedding's story by capturing all the moments before, during, and after the ceremony. She took incredible candid photos, capturing all the raw emotion of the entire wedding party. She has a great eye and artistic vision!

Steph & Armando

Leading up to the wedding, Kate planned a day for us to scout out specific ceremony locations, and even spent time talking to the park rangers about backup locations in case the government shut down Oct 1st, preventing access to the [national] park. We hadn't even been keeping track of the situation, but Kate was extremely prepared.

Anna & Ryan

You should know

I do this (gestures broadly to everything elopements) because I mean it. Because your wedding is YOURS, and I want to be that encouragement to make sure it stays as ALL the things that you want, and, nothing you don’t.

Intentional decisions and an unwavering commitment to creating space for experiences and feelings… That ALL love is beautiful and should be celebrated.  That everyone of every color, gender and body type is welcome to find their place and take up space in the outdoors.

 These are the foundation of what you can expect when we work together, beliefs that I live across all facets of my life. 

In Sum...

count on me to:

Ask you “why” so you keep tabs to make sure decisions align to what you want to feel...

To give you ideas that seem wild & crazy, because sometimes we’re unintentionally limited by what we don’t yet know…   

Be in your corner for ALL the moments on this journey, no matter what you need...











elopements with Me are All about YOU!

" We love the pics! You captured who we are so well.  I don't know how you did it with only knowing us a couple of weeks. You are awesome!"

(idea to elopement in ~3 weeks!)

elopements with Me are All about about YOU!

" We love the pics! You captured who we are so well.  I don't know how you did it with only knowing us a couple of weeks. You are awesome!"

represents my brand!”

(idea to elopement in ~3 weeks!)

YES!!!  Let's build your elopement adventure!

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