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When Adventure is Closer to Home…

Outdoor Photography for ALL Occasions!

If you’re looking for an adventure a little closer to home, I’ve got you covered still!  Visit me at the other side of my house at my “sister brand” MAKE / Instinctive Images.   

Servicing Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, and the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area, I’m excited to work with you to give you for great options for beautiful outdoors imagery.  I also love travel and my clients all across the Southeast, like Asheville, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Nashville and everywhere in between, so if you’re not in Atlanta metro, have no fear!

What do I cover at MAKE / Instinctive Images that’s different than our outdoor wedding & elopements at Adventure Stories?

Weddings or elopements

A gigantic impersonal wedding not your vibe?  I totally understand!  While some photographers will only do the biggest and fanciest of weddings, I firmly believe that  meaningful backyard weddings and tiny elopements close to home need beautiful coverage, too.  I’m so excited to partner with you to capture your intimate wedding day!

Backyard Wedding Photographer Atlanta Georgia

Family portraits

Your family loves to play outside and explore together, why go pose in a formal studio for a family photo that is totally not you ?!?! Outdoor family portraits where you play!


Personal branding photography for Outdoor Sport or Outdoor Brand Influencers

Your sport, your activity, your love of the outdoors is what makes your outdoor influencer brand special.  Customized branding shoots with me as a photographer that also lives the lifestyle and sport to give you the on-brand content you need for social media, etc.


Personal Branding photography for other  Influencers

Your brand is unique, so unique so your personal branding images should be too!  Take your brand outside and on the move to capture your story, your value, on the move!

Atlanta Personal Branding Photographer

Outdoor event or event photography

Sport, charity, big or small, I’ve got you covered for your outdoor event photography coverage!  With a super easy client gallery interface, you can share your images with as many folks as you want/need in whatever free or paid download option you desire!


Check out more of my work on the “other side” by visiting my website at !  For any questions or to inquire about dates, please message me here 🙂

Happy Adventuring!


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